Dragonflies (Kindy)

The Kindy class gives our children the opportunity to expand their love of learning, build on their knowledge and develop
their ability to socialise. All of these are important tools in becoming ‘school ready’. Our Early Years Teacher delivers a
curriculum that is guided by the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Framework. The combination of these, provides
a strong focus based learning for children to become more independent and reach their own individual potential.

Parents are asked to provide the following items each day their child attend:

  • Water bottles 
  • Change of clothing (labeled) in a clearly marked bag (non plastic) including socks and jumper for cold days and gumboots and water proof jackets for rainy days.
  • Families are kindly asked to donate a piece of fruit daily for Crunch & Sip.

Preschool children can use the red sun hats that are provided by Chuckles Childcare, which are washed daily.

Each child is encouraged to put their piece of fruit in the bowl, place their water bottle in the tray and put their bag in the locker with their name card daily. 


Dragonflies runs a 'school readiness program' each day between 9am and 3pm. We kindly ask for children to arrive before the 9am
register, as it is important children become familiar with class routines in preparation of attending school.

Sleep time

The centre follows the SIDS & KIDS safe sleeping routines, leaflets can be located in the foyer. Mattresses are provided for pre-kindy children to rest between 12.00 - 1.30pm. All sheets and blankets are provided by the centre and washed regularly in our centre laundry. Sleep patterns may vary as group care has many distraction but educators will do their best to follow parent’s requests. Children will not be forced to sleep but encouraged to rest. Children who do not sleep will be able to participate in quiet activities within the classroom. However, parents who request a child not to sleep must acknowledge that at times some children may require a short nap due to recovering from an illness or busy weekend. Cosy corners are provided for children who wish to rest at other times during the day.

Kindy children do not sleep but may rest upon request. They participate in dental care and daily news during quiet time around the centre.


We encourage all children to become responsible for their own personal belongings. Please dress your child in clothing that is easy for them to remove as we encourage children to undress and dress themselves when using the bathroom. To prevent accidents, please do not dress them in overalls, tights, stockings, jeans, belts or tight fitting clothes.

Personal items

We discourage parents from bringing food, lollies and toys to the centre.

We understand that many children like to bring in their own toys, however ‘sharing’ these items can be a difficult concept for young children to grasp. The centre takes no responsibility for lost or broken items. To avoid lost items we request that items are clearly labeled, each classroom has its own lost property box for all unlabeled found items. All unclaimed class items will be moved to the foyer stand at the end of each month, then donated to St Vincent’s charity shop on the 20th of each month.

Sometimes children accidently take the centre’s toys/hats home in bags and pockets. We kindly ask that you return any items to an educator so we can clean and place them away. Replacing ‘lost’ items is very expensive.