Our Early Learning Program

Belonging, Being and Becoming

The Australian National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for early childhood, had been developed to enrich the lives of children from birth to five years and through the transition to school.  The framework assists our educators to provide the children with opportunities to maximize their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. It has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.

EYLF describes childhood as a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming:

The EYLF framework conveys the highest expectations for all children learning and communicates these expectations through the following five Learning Outcomes:

In partnership with families and children, the EYLF guides the educators in their; curriculum decisions, interactions experiences, environments, routines and planned and unplanned events.

School Readiness Program

Chuckles Childcare has an educational program which is designed to assist our childen in being school ready. The preschool rooms run the school readiness program between 9am to 3pm each day.

The program involves embedding practices and fundamental skills which will prepare the children to be self-reliant and confident in the school setting. We will scaffold experiences and activities that will aid in teaching; self-help skills, fundamental movement skills, mathematics, sustainability, social responsibilities, community and cultural connection, pre-writing skills, health and safety responsibilities, colours, shapes, numerical concepts, science, rhyming, sequencing, language and literacy (Jolly phonics SATPIN).

For more information on this program, please talk to the Educational leader or Preschool room leaders.

Educational Leader  

Chuckles Childcare has a nominated Educational Leader which is responsible for inspiring, motivating, affirming and also challenging or extending the practice and pedagogy of the educators. They also mentor and guide the educators in completing the curriculum and observations whilst considering the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Quality Improvement System  

Chuckles Childcare has a self-assessment process which involves the development of a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). This live document is completed in consultation with management, families, educators, children and community members. The QIP assists our centre in self-assessing its performance and environment which will aid us in delivering quality education and care and to plan future improvements. The document is available to all families upon request.



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