As a parent, I find it hard to choose any one educator who stands out above the rest. From the minute you walk in the door at Chuckles you can feel the love. You all have your own families, troubles, lives, but not once have I ever seen anything other than smiles on all your faces. Slyla can talk the leg off a chair and everyday (not just day care days) she has at least one moment when she does this about Chuckles. Whether it's talking about the fun she had or what she did or role playing the educators. She does it with so much happiness and this speaks volumes to me. There are times when it's been a challenge to drop Skyla off but there is always someone to comfor her. A lot of us get the 'mum guilts' when our kids are away from us but each and every day I am eased by the reports I'm given and the correspondence through Seesaw. It makes my day so much brighter for me. Sometimes it's not about how you make my kids feel but how you make me feel. We have had and continue to have our struggles and it's so nice that when you come to Chuckles, we as parents are made to feel like friends. I've cried and been handed tissues, I've cried and been hugged, I've winged and just been lent an ear on so manyu occasionns and as a fifo wife, with no family around, I can not tell you how thanful I am for the chats and genuine concern. Getting back to the educators, you are all worth your wight in gold. We can not thank you  enoug for all you do and for loving our children ,ike they are your own. You set a very high bench mark for future years of education, as the standards you set are second to none. At the end of our time at Chuckles, I wish I could send you all on a holiday, to let you feel the relaxation we do, droppin off our kids, knowing that they are in the very BEST hands. Thank you all for your hard work and tireless efforts. No words will ever be enough. Hayley & Mark 2019 

To all the staff that make Chuckles so amazing. We thank you all so much for a great 2018. Your care & passion for your job makes for a great place for our boys to come to. Thank you so much. Price and Cooper 2018


To the wonderful team @ Chuckles. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lucas whilst he is with you. It's such a good feeling to know he is healthy, happy and safe when we can't be with him. Lucas + Alex + Brocky 2018

We would like to give our wholeharted thank you to everyone who watched over, fed, cleaned, laughed with, cried with, cuddled, taught and lvoed our baby boy Evan. He is a little rascal most of the time but has a heart of pure joy and you all played a part in raising the gorgeous, smart, funny boy that he is todya. We will be forever thankful to you all for creating an environment where he was able to express himself freely. Big love The Hamiltons 2018

From our STUDENT: 

I just want to say thank you to every single one of you for helping me throughout my prac. You all taught me so much and I wish I never had to leave. A special thank you to the baby and kindy rooms for putting up with me and letting me complete all my activities on time. Hopefully I'll see you all around somewhere but I hope the rest of the year goes well and that all those Christmas songs eventually get out of my head. Kimm Allender 2018

Thank you all so much for everthing you've done for Claire this year. The care & effort every single person here puts in is what makes the centre such an amazing place. Claire has grown in leaps and bounds and she adores going to daycare everyday. It's never a gight. So thank you all again. Love Sarah, Pete & Claire 2018

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