To all the staff that make Chuckles so amazing. We thank you all so much for a great 2018. Your care & passion for your job makes for a great place for our boys to come to. Thank you so much. Price and Cooper 2018


To the wonderful team @ Chuckles. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lucas whilst he is with you. It's such a good feeling to know he is healthy, happy and safe when we can't be with him. Lucas + Alex + Brocky 2018

We would like to give our wholeharted thank you to everyone who watched over, fed, cleaned, laughed with, cried with, cuddled, taught and lvoed our baby boy Evan. He is a little rascal most of the time but has a heart of pure joy and you all played a part in raising the gorgeous, smart, funny boy that he is todya. We will be forever thankful to you all for creating an environment where he was able to express himself freely. Big love The Hamiltons 2018

From our STUDENT: 

I just want to say thank you to every single one of you for helping me throughout my prac. You all taught me so much and I wish I never had to leave. A special thank you to the baby and kindy rooms for putting up with me and letting me complete all my activities on time. Hopefully I'll see you all around somewhere but I hope the rest of the year goes well and that all those Christmas songs eventually get out of my head. Kimm Allender 2018

Thank you all so much for everthing you've done for Claire this year. The care & effort every single person here puts in is what makes the centre such an amazing place. Claire has grown in leaps and bounds and she adores going to daycare everyday. It's never a gight. So thank you all again. Love Sarah, Pete & Claire 2018


We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for not only the past 4 years of your sevices, but also for the love and support you have all shown our family unit. Your ongoing support has nurturned my girls during those difficult periods, while excellorating their educational platforms to succeed in their future endeavours. A special thank you to all the educators who played a hands on role for my girls. Much love Tami, Ella & Hannah xx (2017)

Thanks a million for everything. I can't thank you enough. Over the past few years, everyone has been amazing, dedicated and very supportive. We will miss your happy faces every week. I'll never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for me and the family. I'll never find a centre that is so loyal, trustworthy, always so welcoming and cheerfull (would never know if your having a bad day) also not to mention the high standards you set in your centre are phenominal. Love the Broadbent family. (2017)

From our STUDENTS:

Thanks so much for having us at Chuckles. We belive we have been given the best skills and guidance available. It's going to be sad to leave you and all the children. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to return. Megan & Becky. 

Very extra special thank you to Mel, Lisa and Deb O for the extra boost of confidence you have given me. It's greatly appreciated. Becky 

Thank you all for being a part of Denzil and Kyah's journey to self discovery. Chuckles and it's staff are appreciated in our family for what each member brings to my children's lives. From the Patronaggio/Lyons family xox (2017)

Thank you for giving Isaac such a memorable year at Chuckles. He has learnt so much and though still shy, he has gown and become more sociable and chatty this past year. Thank you for playing a big part in his life. We are going to miss Chuckles very much. Isaac, Olivia and Mikayla xo (2017)

A personal note to thank you all for being such kind, helpful and understanding individuals. To each of you that have cared for Layla, we say thank you. A special thanks to the educators in the caterpillars and butterflies areas. You have all being a wonderful pillar of support for us. Placing your child in daycare can be a daunting experience. Layla was just 5 months old when she started with you and no words will ever explain our gratitude for the kindness and patience given to us in those early days. With your care, Layla has blossomed into a beautiful little girl. We would also like to thank you for supporting us by helping us to continue using modern cloth nappies. This was and remains, a critical componant of our parenting. With your help, we have reduced Laylas carbon footprint. Thank you for learning with us along the way. Lots of love Layla, Karen & Glen. (2017)

From our STUDENT: 

I would like to thank you for all your help & support over the last 2 weeks. I wish your prace all the best and I will see you soon. Love Briana

Thank you for your warm welcome and endless support during my time at your centre. I appreciate it tremendously and everything I have learnt is already positively impacint on my studines and my practice. I wish you all well and will see you soon. Thanks again Kara :-)

To the Chuckles familiy. I would like to say a big thank you for welcoming me into your centre. I have learnt so much and will most defintely utilies what I have learnt within my own practices. I wish you all the best and will see you again soon. Zoeii xo 2017

Thank you for all the kindness you have shown for both Max and our family as a whole. Thank you for making us feel welcome every morning and afternoon. Thank you most of all for the patience and care you have given to Max each and every day that he has been with you all. From the Couzens Family (2017)

Thank you so much for helping me raise my boys over the last 5 years. They have both loved being at Chuckles and have learnt so much. Thank you for all your advice you have given me. Nicole, Will, Brock & Heath (2017)

Yet again a wonderful year of ongoing care and love shown to Rylan and Alirah. Your centre is always so welcoming and homely, making it such an easy drop off in the early mornings. As the centre grows and continues to develop, your self and staff have shown the same level of support and care which I thank you so much. Dane, Brodie, Rylan & Alirah (2017)

I personally found your orientation second to none. After much apprehension, I started my eldest at your centre and found Miss Ann and Miss Becky in particular, extremely reassuring and positive. My initial meeting with you was informative and I instatly knew children were of the utmost importance at your centre. You answered all my questions and guided me throug the process seamlessly. Then I met Miss Becky and her expertise and support was invaluable. She settled my child quickly and gave timely feedback. I particularly loved the reassuring phone call on my son's first day, as well as the email with picutures of his first day and the personal chat when I picked him up. I happily refer friends to your centre and let them know both my boys and I had positive transiton to daycare. Thanks, Many (2017) 

After 4 to 5 years in care, I can honestly say Peyten has grown to be a very caring and independanct child, her transitions between rooms was always and thoughtful and the carers have always treated her like she was one of their own. The understanding the carers show me, being a single mum working full time, is always appreciated, as is the chats at the front with Ann and Mel. The concerts, dress up days and activities are always thought out and carefully rehearsed, making them so enjoyable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving her as much as we do. Carolyn (2017)

Chuckles staff provide quality guidence for ECEC students at South Metro TAFE through their ability to demonstrate high quality care and education program, that gives students a groundbase for work within the industry. Students enjoy being at Chuckles. Zoe Podolski - South Metro TAFE (2017)

To Ann, Gary and all the staff at Chuckles, Thank you so much for the amazing care you have given to Cooper over the past few years. All the staff at Chuckles are absolutely amazing and we are so thankful to you all. Cooper has learnt so much during his time at Chuckles and has loved every minute of it. You are such an incredible daycare and we wish you all the very best for the future. Courtney, Rob and Cooper xxx :-) (2017)

To the team at Chuckles Childcare, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our students. Allowing them the opportunity to undertake work experience with your organisation has enabled them to grow and develop their skills and for that we are very grateful. From the team at Kirana Education (2017)

A big thank you for taking care of our Trinity. Your hard work ethic and ongoing efforts to create an amazing centre, never went unnoticed. We enjoyed our time with Trinity a your centre and wish you all the best for the future. Naomi, Shane & Trinity :-) (2017)

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